Mission Statement:  Our mission is to provide each athlete the opportunity to reach her full potential by developing athlete speed, endurance, and strength while fostering high self-esteem, self discipline, and goal achievement.



KY Fillies Memorial 5k


                   2017 SEASON MEET & GREET           Capture.PNG


Good Afternoon track parents! We are off this weekend, and next weekend. Our scheduled meet on February 12th is on a Sunday. I do not prefer Sunday travel meets due to school being the next day. We will compete again Feb. 25th in Georgia. This meet is 6 1/2 hours so we will stay Friday&Saturday and leave Sunday morning. We will practice our normal practice times. We may practice this Saturday morning if weather permits. Please let me know which girls can practice. I will be texting a new practice location this evening. We will no longer practice at our previous location. FYI… we have 3 February Birthdays and will celebrate them after practice on Thursday.

Thanks,Coach T.

Condolences:  Trinity Gay 


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  1. Hi Coach T, Wonderful things you’re doing. I have a girl I’d like to talk to you about. Keep up the good work. Please email me when you get a moment.
    Matt Hale

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  2. My daughter who is 13 is interested in running with the Fillies. She has previous AAU experience and we are looking to join a quality track program such as yours. Are you still accepting athletes.


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